Friday, January 6, 2012

The June Bug that was almost squashed!

I've been a follower of Project Run and Play since season one. This season I saw they were doing a sew along competition for those following it and initially I pushed it aside in my head. The first challenge was a remix of the Junebug dress by the lovely Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional.

Then it popped in my head, the most cute and wonderful idea, and it HAD to be made. I should have stopped right there, but you know how those wonderful ideas are. So I started working on it, and it was almost like I was cursed from the start. My serger and sewing machine were misbehaving, my kids(all 4) were misbehaving, and I swear even the house was misbehaving. Things broke, messes were made, and situations were dealt with. The project was scaled back many times, but I was determined to finish SOMETHING.

So I was down to the wire this morning. I had a finished shirt, and all I needed to do was get Cassie, 16 months old, to cooperate for a picture and I was done. Why I thought getting her to cooperate would work, I'll never know. She has recently learned no and un uh and she loves to express her option. Did I also mention she hates playing model, unlike her older sister. So then, because of course things couldn't be calm other than trying to manipulate a toddler, my husband kept calling for traffic updates from his car because they'd closed the route he uses for work. **cue internal screams** Yeah, it was on of those mornings. So, despite the insanity, I managed to get the older two off to school, the younger two ready, and have pictures, albeit terrible mostly unedited pictures, uploaded. They really are terrible pictures!




So, the moral of this tale is, sure, I could have given up. I have lots going on and precious little time, but I also need to create. It's what sustains me. Sure, my entry wasn't the best I could do, not even close to it, but I did create something. So next time? Next time I need to plan my time better and hopefully I'll have a little less chaos. So next time? GAME ON!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome and why I'm here...

The idea for a blog like this can been floating in my head for a while. Growing up, I always wondered why there were male and female oriented tasks in the house. My mom wasn't the image of a 1950's housewife and was the major breadwinner, but fix it stuff was always deemed to be my dad's job. She did the cooking and cleaning. I decided I was going to be different. Why couldn't I do both? When my parents bought me a pink tool set mostly as a joke in college so I'd stop stealing my dad's tools I was thrilled. The tools were crappy, but they gave me a chance to start trying stuff out. I always watched my dad fixing things, so why couldn't I. Why have a "Honey Do List" when you can have an "I Can Do List". Bit by bit I took on tasks. Sometimes I failed, but more and more I was successful. I got over my fear of trying to fix things and started developing my own collection of tools.

Now I'm not all tomboy. I always loved playing the warrior princess as a child. My dreams never involved being rescued by a prince. Now that I'm grown I love rocking my power tools just as much as my sewing machine. I'm my grandma's daughter and learned to sew at her feet in the sewing room. Snips and scraps became quilts, costumes, and dresses. My grandmother was and my mom is a phenomenal baker, so crafting and baking come naturally to me as I grew up watching them bake.. Now that I have two daughters of my own I want them to have the chance to be like me, handy AND crafty. What better example can we set for our daughters?